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We at Queensland Roofing Materials believe the success of our business is attributed to the excellent customer service we provide. This is something we believe is sadly lacking these days. With over 20 years experience in the roofing & patio industry we are aware of the needs of many Queenslanders who tend to entertain outside.

SolarSpan Authorised Distributor

At Queensland Roofing Materials we are very excited to offer a product that we have had great success in marketing as it fulfils all the requirements for cool, comfortable outdoor living. We believe SolarSpan® insulated roofing is the NO.1 choice for patio’s and extensions.


Queensland Roofing Materials offer roofing products and supplies to Brisbane. Get the right advice from the experts in Queensland roofing.


SolarSpan® – Keeping Out the Summer Heat

Why SolarSpan® Insulated Roofing Patios are Great for Keeping Out the Summer Heat Outdoor gatherings in Summer are a way of life in Brisbane. The Brisbane heat can be intense so when it comes to outdoor entertaining, having a comfortable climate in your patio is important. SolarSpan® insulated roofing is the builder’s choice when it...
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The Perfect Beam to go with your Solarspan or Flatdek Roof

Here at Queensland Roofing Materials we try to cater for all your needs. Did you know we sell Bluescope’s Firmlock Steel Beams that you can use with your Solarspan or Flatdek Patios. Not only do they come in a colour that will match the underside of your patio roof, come in variety of stock sizes but...
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Solarspan Panels Installation Advice – Hint Three

When moving your Solarspan Panels off the pack you must ensure that they are never dragged.  Always lift the Panel vertically off the pack of panels.
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