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SolarSpan® – Keeping Out the Summer Heat

Why SolarSpan® Insulated Roofing Patios are Great for Keeping Out the Summer Heat

Outdoor gatherings in Summer are a way of life in Brisbane. The Brisbane heat can be intense so when it comes to outdoor entertaining, having a comfortable climate in your patio is important. SolarSpan® insulated roofing is the builder’s choice when it comes to fitting out patios and extensions.

Using a 3-layered system, SolarSpan® combines roofing, insulation and ceiling in one to achieve optimum climate comfort and is cyclonic use approved. The high performing polystyrene core blocks out heat by providing efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort in the space below. SolarSpan® roofing is designed for low pitch, flat patios so it’s ideal for areas with limited head room. Made from genuine Bluescope® Colorbond steel, its sleek, modern trapezoidal rib will give your patio a contemporary look and feel.

Quick and easy to install, SolarSpan® can be installed by a builder or is the perfect DIY product for anyone wanting to undertake small scale home improvement projects.

SolarSpan® uses a BCA Solar Absorptance Rating System to help you select the perfect colour panel for your patio. The colour range has been thoroughly tested to ensure the best thermal performance for Australian conditions. Choose lighter colours to absorb less solar radiation therefore keeping your patio cooler in the hotter months. It couldn’t be easier.

While the goal of SolarSpan® is to primarily keep your patio cooler in the warmer months there are other advantages to installing SolarSpan® insulated roofing in your home. SolarSpan® roofing is versatile, will reduce the noise created by rain and hail and is low maintenance.

SolarSpan® Insulated Roofing comes in 9 Colorbond colours and has a guaranteed 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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