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SolarSpan’s Cool or Cosy 3 Layered Roofing System

Roofing Layer

  • Superior low pitch of 2° minimum
  • Available in thermally efficient and modern colours
  • Australian made and proven Colorbond steel

Ceiling Layer

  • Ceiling underside available in  steel Surfmist® or Classic Cream*
  • Two ceiling finish options in Plain or Elegance
  • Low maintenance and durable Colorbond steel

Insulation Layer

  • Outstanding thermal performance with CorePlus® EPS-FR Insulation
  • Choose from 50 (R1.4), 75 (R2.1), 100 (R2.7), 125, (R3.3), 150 (R4.0), 175 (R4.6, 200mm (R5.2) core thicknesses
  • Service cabling ducts for ceiling lights and fans


Solarspan Colour Range

Roof Colour Range 

SolarSpan’s colour range has been rigorously tested and hand picked with the support of BlueScope® Steel to offer roofing colours with the best thermal performance, made tough for Australian conditions.

* Conditions may apply.
** Limited availability.
^ Darker colours warranted for use in limited regions. Check with your local SolarSpan® dealer for more information.

Solarspan Brochure Downloads

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SolarSpan True Beauty

SolarSpan® is Australia’s leading insulated roofing product ideal for insulated patio roofs, insulated pergolas, verandas, decks, carports, garages and home extensions. The SolarSpan® roof and ceiling are both made from Bluescope® Colorbond Steel, the best quality steel suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions. This long spanning insulated roof panel can be used for small scale home improvement projects. By providing a low maintenance, heat blocking residential roofing solution it can be used in place of traditional roofing materials. We can recommend a range of specialised SolarSpan® patio and carport installers, or SolarSpan® roofing builders across Australia who will work with home owners and investors in creating the ideal solution to suit individual needs and budgets.

SolarSpan® Features

Blocks Heat: SolarSpan® has a core of high performing polystyrene which provides efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort below.

Saves Money, Adds Value: The simple, quick, modular design reduces build time and therefore the cost. SolarSpan® is an affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor area and add value to your home.

Low Maintenance: SolarSpan’s Colorbond® steel roof and ceiling gives a long-lasting, easy to clean finish.

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or involved in small scale home improvement, Queensland Roofing Materials have the construction solution to suit your project. Contact us for a free quote today.

SolarSpan Ceiling Finishes

SolarSpan’s ceiling layer is made from proven BlueScope Colorbond® steel, available pre-finished in Surfmist® (Off White) or Classic Cream™*. Select from two popular ceiling underside finishes in either Plain or Elegance* that complement the home and offer stylish design options for your outdoor area.

Plain – Contemporary Look

‘Plain’ modern ceiling finish is a popular smooth ceiling surface option that embodies contemporary design, suitable for the modern home.

Elegance* – Heritage Look

‘Elegance’ heritage ceiling finish delivers a ‘VJ’ look with distinct lines that emulate the look  and feel of a heritage style home.