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Polycarbonate Roofing

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Solasafe Polycarbonate Roofing

Solasafe Polycarbonate roofing material provides 99.9% UV protection from sunburn and skin damage. Outdoor enteratining and children’s play areas are part of the Australian lifestyle so sun protection is vital for the safety of your family. Solasafe polycarbonate roofing provides three levels of polycarbonate sheeting to choose from:

Level One

The most widely used solasafe polycarbonate roofing material in seven colours with varying light and heat transmission ratings.

Level Two

Solasafe comfort range in designer colours with less heat but allow soft light.

Level Three

HR1 heat reducing polycarbonate with metal particles to reflect heat, suitable for hot climates.

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Lexan multiwall

Lexan multiwall sheeting is a high quality, low maintenance glazing material that is built to last with UV protection on both sides giving superior to outdoor weathering. This versatile range of materials delivers state of the art light weight glazing for commercial, industrial and residential applications.The multiwall construction traps air between the layers which ensures outstanding thermal insulation performance. The flat structure of multiwall sheeting allows the use of aluminium glazing bars for long lasting performance. It can be easily cut to length and width, allowing for variations between construction and design.[/column]
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